Monday, October 31, 2016


B e r r y w e l l

Established on April 2016, Berrywell is the one of first health cafes to incorporate Acai Berry into their smoothie bowls. Acai is great because it is rich in fiber and vitamins, but I'm not a fan of the sourness so I can't say much about it. Haha. If you like sour, go for it though! They're known for their Berrywell Signature, which is a mix of Acai berry, banana, mixed berries, and coconut water.

Berrywell has two branches at the moment and they are planning to expand. First one at Fairgrounds SCBD and second one at Plaza Senayan. Both places showcase minimalist designs. SCBD has more of a white wash feel, where as PS displays more touches of wood. They're different in serving style, meaning first one is more of a eat and stay while second one is more of grab and go.

Compared to others, Berrywell presents lower prices. They stand by their principle that it's possible to be healthy and not break the bank. They also want to cater to people who are still unfamiliar to eating healthy. That's why they want to make things fun, easy, and affordable.

Now let's talk food.

First time I heard Tempe Wrap, I was like, "Huh? What?" I don't mind tempe, but a full load of tempe in a wrap just never crossed my mind to be something good and filling. Boy, was I wrong! It's moist and rich with herbs and spices. It's a decent size and will fill you up pretty good. The fact that the wrap is whole wheat makes it even better. And no need for tomato or chili sauce, it's already flavorful!

Berrywell has two healthy cakes and this one is Lemon Chia Cake. I'm quickly sold when I read lemon and chia mixed together. The cake is dense and soft and so lemony! The chia seeds and a bit of pop when you bite them.

Now on to the most important part: the smoothie bowls!

Berrywell makes their own granola and it is delish! It's served as a part of the toppings in any smoothie bowls you get.

Fresh and sweet! Pina Colada is a mix of banana, pineapple, and peach. If you're looking for something light, this is a good choice. The pumpkin seeds gives this pastel yellow smoothie a good crunch.

This is my fave! PB&B which stands for peanut butter and banana. The recipe is so simple, it's too good to be true. Banana, peanut butter, multigrain milk, and you got yourself a good portion for pre and post workout smoothie bowl! And oh yeah, the toppings just add up to the goodness of this bowl. Cacao nibs and digestive crunch work really well with this baby.

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