Monday, August 29, 2016


B u r g r e e n s

When I started getting interested in healthy living a couple of years ago, Burgreens was one of the restaurants that emulated what I was looking for. I remember the first time I came to Burgreens at Bintaro. The kitchen was still under construction with white curtains hanging up to hide it from public. The floors were not done and things were messy. But I loved it. I felt like I was a part of the journey of what Burgreens was trying to achieve.

Its timing was perfect as Jakarta's healthy living lifestyle was starting to grow. I could also say that Burgreens was also a pioneer in boosting the lifestyle! Located in the busy grey maze of Bintaro, you wouldn't expect to find a green haven. Burgreens is surrounded with greeneries that expands around the whole complex that also houses Joglo bungalows, a homey public library, and a cute little back garden. They also have a second place where it is more of a cafe feel in Tebet area. I personally like the first one because I feel like I'm somewhere else when I'm there.

Burgreens serve everything fresh so sit back and relax after you've made your order. They have a vast variety of menu that you can enjoy whether you just want to snack or have a big meal. I really like the Burgreens steak made from mushroom. The texture tastes like real meat! You should give it a try when you go to Burgreens and let me know if you like it too. And as you can see above, I have a photo of sweet potato chips. They make those themselves and top them of with their signature seasoning that I find to be tasty.

Now on to their smoothies! I've tried a couple of their smoothies before and enjoyed them. When I came back recently, I tried their one and only smoothy bowl. It is a combo of multiple greens, banana, homemade granola and a whole lot of fresh fruits for toppings. I liked the presentation but the smoothy itself was a bit runny and icy. The granola tasted good but it was a bit hard to chew. But the fruits were fresh and tasted well with the smoothy. I would opt for the smoothies more than the smoothy bowl. You get more of your buck from the smoothies.

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